There are many ways to continue to grow in faith as an adult. Learning--about scripture, theology, church, our faith tradition, and how faith and life intersect--is a key part of what it means to be a Presbyterian. We are always on a journey of faith seeking understanding.

All our adult education times are open to everyone who's post-confirmation-age--from high school to 100 years!

Throughout the year there are a variety of educational gatherings, from one-time events to seasonal Bible studies. 


Epiphany season Education: Listen Up! Movie nights

Sundays January 22 & 29, 6:30-8:30pm: Horton Hears A Who nights! Each night we will watch half of the movie and have a discussion. Popcorn and desserts will be provided. This is a book many of us know and love, and whose message is fantastic and directly related to this season's theme.

Sundays February 12 & 19, 6:30-8:30pmA Wrinkle In Time nights! Again, we will watch half each night and discuss. If you're able, we recommend reading the novel beforehand. It's a Newberry-award winning classic novel written for young people and is an easy read, full of great moments and theology in the midst of the story. Popcorn and desserts will be provided.


Advent/Christmas Education was: Opening to the Light through the arts (poetry, painting, and music)


Harvest 1 Education was: Faith at the Movies, looking at how the scripture stories of this season are portrayed on screen! 


Season of Pentecost: Bible in 90 Days

This summer we read the whole Bible! Using this handy calendar, a Bible without too many footnotes, and a notebook (we have one ready just for you!) we experienced the breadth of God's story, from "in the beginning" to "Amen"! 


Theology Thursdays on the Patio (TOP)

Every Thursday in the summer, you can find us on the patio at Emmett's (on Brockway, near the Palatine Metra station) enjoying each other's company and talking about various TOPics. Some people eat dinner, others just dessert, some have a soda and some have cocktails--there's something for everyone. The TOPics range from "Faith in Pop Culture" to "Just War Theory" and everything in between. The conversation is always lively, and the fellowship fun! See what's coming up at TOP on our News and Events page.


Presbyterian Women

Every PW circle meeting involves a Bible Study, usually using the same curriculum as other Presbyterian Women groups around the country. The 2016-17 study is called "Who is Jesus? What a difference a lens makes." We'll be looking at Jesus through different lenses of scripture and context, growing closer to God and to each other in faith.
Our circles meet on the third Wednesday of the month--one in the morning at 10am at the church, and one in the evening at a member's home. 
Learn more about PW at PCOP.
Past studies include: 
The 2015-16 study was about Water throughout scripture and the life of faith.
The 2014-15 study was about 2 Corinthians. 
In 2013-14, the study was called "An Abiding Hope" and worked through Exodus and Deuteronomy.
In 2012-13, the study was about the Beatitudes.
Each year's study is written by a woman scholar, tested by PW groups around the country, and provides an in-depth look at the biblical text and how it intersects with our lives. The PW study is published by Horizons, the magazine of the Presbyterian Women.

In addition to the Bible Study, Presbyterian Women organizes a number of events throughout the year to bring women together for fellowship, service, and learning. They also hold fundraisers such as the Cookie Walk and Rummage Sale, and the money raised goes to support mission projects selected by the women of the Coordinating Team.