This year (2014), we're all invited to open our eyes.

Open our eyes to the Spirit's movement in our midst. Open our eyes to what God is doing. Open our eyes to the unexpected. Open our eyes and see glory in the ordinary. Open our eyes and see things that make us uncomfortable. Open our eyes and see our neighbor. Open our eyes and see the image of God in people we'd rather ignore. Open our eyes and see Jesus calling. Open our eyes to opportunity, challenge, love, hope, heartbreak.

Open our eyes to see the Kingdom of God, right here, right now.

It can be a daunting task, to truly see. It takes practice. So we'll be looking through a particular lens. On Epiphany Sunday (January 5), we handed out "eye-words"--words to be our lens for the coming year. There were no duplicate words, so your word is yours!

eye-words still waiting for their home...

eye-words still waiting for their home...

This word is yours for the whole year, to sit with, think about, pray, and look through. It might be a word you feel some resistance to, and that’s okay. Ponder what it is that makes you uneasy and pray that way. It might be a word you love, and that’s great—figure out how to make it part of your everyday life. It might be a word you don’t know the meaning of—excellent! Time for a dictionary and a Bible concordance. Whatever word you find yourself with, let it be a way for God to work in you over time. Let the word guide your prayer and your looking. Put it on your mirror or your fridge or your dashboard or computer screen, and when you see it, remember to look through different lenses. Talk about your word with friends and family and the person next to you in the pew. Look for signs of God’s grace coming through this word. Throughout the year I’ll be asking if anyone would like to share experiences of their eye-word, perhaps in worship or on the new church website. You can always post on the facebook page, or email Teri or Jess to post for you. Just as John (the baptizer) testified—he told what he had seen, so that the Messiah might be revealed—we too can tell what we have seen so that the Messiah can be revealed among us and within us.

Let the word pray through you. Let it wiggle into the spaces of your life and take root. Let it be a lens through which you look at the world. And share what you see.


Still need an eye-word? We'll be handing them out at worship again on January 12, or you can email Teri and she'll draw the top one on the basket and email you the word (and give you the eye next time you're at church!).


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