At the Threshold devotion: Sunday March 30

Share: A moment from today when you felt close to God, and a moment when you felt far from God.

Read: John 18.37  “Everyone who belongs to the truth hears my voice.”

Discuss: Jesus is The Truth…what does it mean to you to belong to Jesus? To hear his voice?

Pray: Find a writing implement—a pencil, a pen, a crayon, a marker, a colored pencil, whatever. In the middle of the blank space on this page (or on any blank page you have), write the word TRUTH. Doodle around the word to sort of “frame” it in the center. Your doodles may just be lines, or swirls, or shapes, or layers. Just spend a minute or so doodling, and thinking about Truth. Then around the page, write or draw symbols representing ways you nurture your relationship with The Truth. How do you listen? How do you belong? How do you experience? Doodle around those as well. Use this time to be open to the voice of Truth, calling to you.

Posted on March 30, 2014 and filed under devotions, Lent.