theme songs

Cheers. (where everybody knows your name...)

Friends. (clap clap clap clap...I'll be there for you!)

Downton Abbey. (ding ding dong dong dong

Star Wars. (doo doo dooo do, dododo....)

What's your favorite TV or movie theme song? What do you like about it?

One of the purposes of a theme song is to set the mood, to create an atmosphere, for the show to come. It's not just a time to run the credits, it's also a time to sort of sum up the show. Cheers is about a place you can go to get away from the hustle and bustle and demands of life, knowing that people will be there to support, challenge, laugh, cry, and have a drink with you. Just hearing the song can bring all that to mind in less than a minute. The same for Friends--the song almost defines the show for many people. And Downton's theme song is elegant, with just enough tension in the midst of the beauty to keep interest high as the tune moves inexorably toward a changed future (one with telephones and women wearing trousers and fewer houses with servants...).

For those who are classical music or Broadway musical fans, an overture functions in much the same way. It gives a hint, a taste, of what is to come--highlighting themes that will play out over the course of the show.

Sometimes characters within a show or movie have their own theme--think of the music you hear whenever Darth Vader is about to appear, for instance.

What if church had a theme song? What would be the theme song for Church (not just our congregation, but for Church universal)? What might be the theme we'd hear whenever Jesus is about to come on the scene? Or the Holy Spirit?

And if The Presbyterian Church of Palatine had a theme song--something that, when you heard it, you'd think immediately of what we are and what we stand for--what would it be? Imagine if we had a song that played at the beginning of everything we do--whether worship, fellowship, mission, education, etc--what would best sum up PCOP in music? 

(note: this theme song may be a hymn, or a praise song, or a secular song, or it may still need to be written--if it's the latter, I hope you'll work on that!)

Leave your ideas in the comments!


Posted on June 17, 2014 and filed under identity.