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TOP: Just War theory

People often talk about when violence is justified. Theologians have wrestled for centuries with how to reconcile Jesus' call to nonviolence and the nations' need to use violence/war for a variety of reasons, ranging from defense to expansion to keeping order. We'll talk about the original "Just War Theory" and how it's been applied, and how we as individuals and as citizens use the theory in our lives.

Theology Thursdays On the Patio take place at Emmett's (on Brockway in downtown Palatine), and are an evening of learning and fellowship through conversation. Part small-group, part Bible Study, part fun, TOP is a great way to go deeper as we think about how our faith affects our lives. Food and beverages are available for all budgets, and we always learn something!

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Panera fundraiser!
Later Event: July 17
TOP: praying for your enemies