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Worship Through Service

Once again we will honor God with our labor this Labor Day weekend, offering our praise and worship in the form of service to others in our community. 

We gather at 9am on this day for a prayer service. Then we divide into groups and then put our prayer into action as we work for our neighbors at the Palatine Township Food Pantry, the Winston Park School, the Sparrow's Nest, and the Night Ministry. 

here are service projects available for EVERY age, mobility, and ability level! The Night Ministry project is at the church, for those unable to comfortably walk, stand, or leave the premises. The other projects may involve deep cleaning, gardening, sorting, moving, or other labor that our partner organizations are not able to get done when they are open on weekdays. 

The organizations we work with in our neighborhood are so grateful for PCOP's hard work on a Sunday morning, as it makes it easier for them to serve. Worship Through Service is the gift that keeps on giving--to us, to our neighbors, and to the glory of God!

After we work for 2 hours, we return to church for a lunch of pizza and salad, and to share stories of how God worked through us today.

If you have questions, or if you are planning to visit to join in this work, please email the pastor and she will put you in contact with the people who can best assist you.

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