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TOP: The E-word

Most of us in mainline protestant traditions have become allergic to the idea of "evangelism." The word conjures up pictures of street preachers, bible-beaters, hellfire and brimstone, tracts, and earnestly asking "are you saved?" We have ceded the word "evangelical" to a particular strain of Christian tradition that has become associated with a particular set of viewpoints. But the word actually means "messenger of good news"...aren't we all bearers of God's good news? Let's figure out how we can reclaim the E-word without the baggage.

Theology Thursdays On the Patio take place at Emmett's (on Brockway in downtown Palatine), and are an evening of learning and fellowship through conversation. Part small-group, part Bible Study, part fun, TOP is a great way to go deeper as we think about how our faith affects our lives. Food and beverages are available for all budgets, and we always learn something!