Who We Are

We are a "small but mighty" faith community that addresses open minds and deep consideration for each other and of the world. We are biblically rooted and in touch with the Today, providing reassurance and of challenge. 

We are the church for all who seek hope, wisdom, connection, wholeness, and purpose. 

We value all people as God's children and offer opportunities to share the gifts and talents. Through moving music, spirited worship, and education, we celebrate the Lord. 

So, come and join us! All are welcome!

Our Mission Statement

We are found by grace
again and again,
for the Spirit is always calling,
breathing life, creating community,
bringing together all kinds of people.

We are fed by grace
at Christ’s table,
where no reservations are necessary.
There is room at the table for all
to know abundant bread of life and word of hope,
a place to hear and be heard,
to be fed and to feed,
as we pray, sing, learn, and serve

So we follow by grace
seeking to be living examples
of Christ’s welcome,
offering food and shelter,
nurture and comfort,
challenge and opportunity,
serving God by serving our neighbors
until all sit together at table in God’s kingdom.



Ever wondered just what "Grace" means anyway? Look no further.

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